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Unified Formulations of the Shear Coefficients in Timoshenko Beam Theory







S.A. Faghidian, “Unified Formulations of the Shear Coefficients in Timoshenko Beam Theory,” ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 2017; 143(9), 06017013-1:8


Two elastostatic approaches are presented in order provide a simple, but technically effective, assessment of shear coefficients in Timoshenko beam theory. First the elasticity solution of the Saint-Venant’s flexure problem is utilized to set forth a unified formulation of the Cowper’s formula for shear coefficients. Afterward a novel elasticity-based displacement field for Timoshenko beam is introduced and an energy-consistent variational scheme is developed using the Reissner principle. The new variational framework is then applied to elliptical, circular and rectangular cross-sections. Validation of the results is given by numerical comparison with the other shear deformation factors over an extended range of Poisson’s and aspect ratios. Unlike previous treatments, the proposed shear coefficients for shallow cross-sections do not result in numerical instability