New Published Article-International Journal of Engineering Science

On Non-linear Flexure of Beams based on Non-local Elasticity theory







S.A. Faghidian, “On Non-linear Flexure of Beams based on Non-local Elasticity theory,” International Journal of Engineering Science, 2018; 124: 49–63


Reissner mixed variational principle is employed for establishment of the nonlinear differential and boundary conditions of dynamic equilibrium governing the flexure of beams when the effects of true shear stresses are included. Based on the Reissner mixed variational principle, the nonlinear size-dependent model of the Reissner nano-beam is derived in the framework of the nonlocal strain gradient elasticity theory. Furthermore, the closed form analytical solutions for the geometrically nonlinear flexural equations are derived and compared to the nonlinear flexural results of the Timoshenko size-dependent beam theory. The profound differences in the assumptions and formulations between the Timoshenko and the Reissner beam theory are also comprehensively discussed. The Reissner beam model is shown not to be a first-order shear deformation theory while comprising the influences of the true transverse shearing stress and the applied normal stress. Moreover, it is exhibited that the linear and nonlinear deflections obtained based on the Reissner beam theory are consistently lower than their Timoshenko counterparts for various gradient theories of elasticity